Who is NETRI ?

Based on 10 years of scientific research, NETRI has developped a unique know-how in designing multiple organs/organoids on chip by integrating disruptive building blocks into the same microfluidic devices, while maintaining industrial production stantards compatible with pharma industry equipments. Thanks to our patented technologies, we are capable of manufactuing prototypes and validate their biological function using rodent or human cells. Our unique infrastructure allows us also to scale up chip production for mass production.
Our standard or customer-inspired devices are designed to accelerate the development time for new treatments by :

  • Translating human physiology into organ on chip with high throughput industrial capacity
  • Ensuring reproducible readouts for mode of action exploration, including axonal transport, growth, regeneration and axotomy, synaptic toxicity, viraland protein propagation, organoids and electrophysiological recordings
  • Developping robust, automated and parallelised organ on chip technologies applicable in industry, with medium to high throughput capacity, reliability and repeatability, using validated and standardised tools and methods.

Who founded NETRI ?

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Serge Roux

Equipment Director & Chief Designer

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Julien Jacquemond

Head of administrative & Financial team

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Mélanie Gleyzes

Project Manager

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Geoffrey Perrin

Head of IT Lab

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