Pain is caused by tissue damage. Sensory nerves detect tissue damage via specific receptors (nociceptors) and transmit information about the damage along the spinal cord to the brain for interpretation. Activation of nociceptors is at the basis of nociceptive pain and allodynia (activation by stimuli that usually does not provoke pain). In those cases, pain occurs with a normally functioning nervous system.

We have developed at NETRI a microfluidic device coupled with high-throughput compatible MultiElectrod Arrays (MEAs) to record the neurons functional activity.

CAPABILITIES Growth kinetics, Co-culture, hiPSC Derived Cell, Readouts
CHIP DuaLink Delta Ultra
CELL TYPE Sensory Neurons
RESOURCES Publications, Application Note,Posters, Cells DataSheet
(Axol Bioscience), Chip DataSheet
READINESS LEVEL ③ / ⑧ Architecture done