ADME corresponds to descriptors quantifying the drug: passage through the intestinal wall (A); movement between compartments (D); mechanisms of metabolism (M); excretion or elimination (E); and transport (T) is sometimes added.  Characterization of the properties of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion allows exploration and explanation of how pharmacokinetic processes occur, to provide safety considerations for a new drug upon which risk-based assessments can be made.

To develop a predictive and relevant ADME model, we are developing at NETRI a multi-organ-on-chip microfluidic device that anticipates drug distribution, metabolism and elimination. With its 3 3D-Deposition Chambers and loop, it is possible to co-culture brain, intestine, skin, liver and kidney cells separately while keeping a connection with the loop. 

CAPABILITIES Barriers, Co-culture & compartmentalization, Readouts
CHIP R&D Duplex Loop
CELL TYPE hiPSCs/primary cells
RESOURCES Publications, Application Note,Posters
READINESS LEVEL ② / ⑧ Protocol done for one cell type