Toxicology is a field of science that helps us understand the harmful effects that chemicals or substances can have on people, animals and the environment. Toxicology predicts which chemicals can be harmful and how they are harmful. 

To develop a predictive and relevant toxicology model, we are developing at NETRI  an organotypic microfluidic device with multiple connections that anticipate the effect of drugs and the problems involved. With their 2 3D-Deposition Chambers, open well and loop, it is possible to co-culture brain, intestine, skin, liver and kidney organoids separately while keeping a connection with the loop. 

CAPABILITIES Barriers, Co-culture, 3D Cell Culture, Readouts
CHIP R&D Duplex Open Loop
CELL TYPE Organoids/Biopsy
RESOURCES Publications, Application Note,Posters
READINESS LEVEL ② / ⑧ Protocol done for one cell type