Well-established axonal injury protocol

NETRI has developed a DuaLink Delta Ultra triangular shaped microfluidic device and a reproducible protocol to induce localized axonal injury. Axonal injury being achieved only in Channel 2. Cells are viable (with/without axonal injury) until day 47 with degeneration of neurites after triton application.

  • Motor Nerve Injury
  • Allodynia & Nociceptive Pain
  • Peripheral Neuropathic Pain
  • Central Pain

High throughput axonal regrowth quantification method

The triangular shape of the DuaLink Delta Ultra allows tracking the kinetics of axonal regrowth and quantifying the maximum length. NETRI has developed a proprietary software that allows to quantify the axonal growth of neurites according to the application of a pharmacological compound.

  • Automatic extrapolation of Microchannels Grooves in ImagJ
  • Semi-automatic measure of length of Microchannels Grooves

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