Electrophysiological recording

Multi Electrodes Arrays (MEA) compatibility approach enables continuous electrophysiological recordings providing data to evaluate neuronal functional activity.

Investigate a compound’s impact on :

  • Functional activity and recovery
  • Synapse formation
  • Network dynamics

Functional compartmentalization

A network can be monitored within all types of microfluidic devices, including compartmentalized devices. Electrodes are underneath compartments and microchannels. They are in direct contact with neurons (soma in compartment and neurites in microchannels).

  • Constant monitoring of an entire network while applying cells or compounds on one compartment only
  • Recording spontaneous and induced action potential propagation velocity
  • Couple a functional analysis to a phenotypical analysis
  • Impact of non-neural cells on neurons’s functional activity


High density Electrophysiological data are recorded using MEA systems from providers such as Axion BioSystems and Multi Channel Systems. Data are analysed with custom adaptations to fit the unique architecture of NETRI. By this means, NETRI provides insights about spike, burts and network behavior in the context of compartmentalization.
In the future, advanced network desciptors and information theory descriptors will be implemented within softwares developped in house.