Handle readouts diversity

NETRI has designed its microfluidic devices to handle readouts diversity to meet your different needs. From Lysis Cell Analysis (LC/MS) to Calcium Imaging, discover all the readouts compatible with NETRI’s microfluidic devices and its NeoBento™ HT format. Adapted protocols are available, upon resquest.

  • Lysis Cell Analysis
  • Live Dead Assays/ Live Staining
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Electrophysiology (MEA)
  • Calcium Imaging
  • Individual cell fixation without disrupting all QuarterBentos™
  • Histochemical analysis


Being in the standard 96-well format, the NeoBentos are compatible with all classic HT equipment. Imaging path and adapted protocols are available, upon request.

  • Routine control magnification imaging (x10, x20, without immersion, working distance > 1,5 mm)
  • Confocal/high magnification imaging (e.g. x63 with water immersion).
  • MultiElectrode Arrays (Axion BioSystems, Multichannel systems…)
  • Liquid handler (Beckman Coulter…)
  • Imaging equipment (Zeiss, PerkinElmer, ThermoFisher Scientific…)