Cerebral organoids

Cerebral organoids are composed of several types of human neuronal cells, mainly astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and neurons, which self-organize in 3D. These three-dimensional multicellular structures create cellular interactions and maturation relevant to human pathophysiology. However, despite their relevance, they are currently complex models to implement with significant variability in terms of maturation, morphology and size. To reduce this variability, NETRI has developed a unique 3D-Deposition Chamber technology.

  • Grow organoids up to 500 µm before seeding
  • Perfuse growth media for organoids to grow as big as 4 mm in diameter
  • Control the flow of growth media
  • Co-culture of brain organoid and blood-brain barrier cells

Future : 3D-cell culture & MEA

Cerebral organoids are complex and advanced models that allow to model the fine mechanisms of action. However, despite their relevance, the functional analysis of organoids remains difficult to implement, thus posing problems of high-throughput analysis. NETRI's microfluidic devices technology would allow not only to co-culture cerebral organoid and other cells but also to record the functional activity of the organoid.

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