What is NeoBento™?

NeoBento™ is the standard format for NeuroFluidics NETRI’s microfluidic chips, available up to 4 QuarterBentos™ (up to 16 chips).
By being in the standard ANSI format, this high-trhoughput format makes NETRI’s microfluidic devices as versatile and easy to handle as a typical 96-well plate without expansive equipments needed.
This format was designed to improve reproducibility and to be compatible with standard equipment (for liquid handling and imaging) and classic readouts (imaging and biochemical readouts).

Neuro-organs-on-chip devices in HT format.

Abiding by the 96-well microplate standard format, NeoBento™ is compatible with all existing laboratory equipment (liquid handling, imaging...) and classic imaging or biochimic readouts (ELISA, Calcium imaging, confocal...)
This format leverages existing equipment to integrate its devices into standard workflows and leverage customer and manufacturer expertise while avoiding additional equipment costs.

NeoBento™ was designed to optimize user experience:

  • Easy placement in automated systems and easy orientation thanks to its right A1 corner
  • Easy humidification thanks to its labyrinth that surrounds the perimeter for up to 4 days without adding water
  • Flexibility and optimization of the experimental planning thanks to its removable QuarterBento™
  • Possibility to analyze, drill or fix QuarterBentos™ individually without disrupting the rest of the NeoBento™

MEA-capable compartmentalized microfluidic devices in HT format.

The NeoBento™ MEA has all the benefits of the NeoBento™ with the addition of MEA compatibility.

In collaboration with Axion Biosystems , we have developed the NeoBento™ MEA, which is composed of:

  • A NeoBento™ Frame and Lid that follows the 96-well format
  • A custom Axion MEA Layer that closes off the bottom of the chips
  • Each Chip has up to 48 Electrodes
  • NETRI’s NeuroFluidics MEA microfluidic chips to allow precise location of cultures in Channels

As the NeoBento™, the NeoBento™ MEA is in the standard 96-well microplate format. It is a versatile container that enables electrophysiological recording of microfluidic experimentation while being compatible with standard equipment (for liquid handling and imaging) and classic readouts (imaging, biochimic and electrophysiology readouts).

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