Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that impacts the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves, and has been diagnosed in over 2.3 million people worldwide. The exact cause of MS is currently unknown, but we do know that something triggers the immune system to attack the CNS. There is an urgent need to create a system that allows co-culture of immune cells and nerve cells.

We are developing at NETRI specific architectures with porous membranes to create physiological barriers to co-culture immune cells and neurons. The porous membrane allows the passage of secreted factors like cytokines.

CAPABILITIES Barriers, Synaptic Isolation, Co-culture, hiPSC Derived Cell, Readouts
CHIP R&D Duplex
CELL TYPE Myelinated Glutamatergic Neurons & Immune Cells
RESOURCES Publications, Application Note, Application Protocol, Posters, Cells DataSheet
(FujiFilm CDI, BrainXell), Chip DataSheet
READINESS LEVEL ③④/ ⑧ Protocol done for Glutamatergic Neurons

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