User experience as part of the package.

Our mission is to help our customers get results as quickly and consistently as possible, which means providing the easiest access to NETRI’s organs-on-chip technology by facilitating users adoptability.
All our products are designed with their user experience in mind, fitting best lab practices and being compatible with conventionnal equipments.
With dedicated protocols and first-time virtual training all available as part your purchase, most users are fully autonomous in a matter of days.

  • Adapted operating protocols
  • Virtual and/or on-site training
  • Dedicated resources page
  • Dedicated e-mail address and number

Adapted Operating Protocols.

NETRI provides its customers with a range of adapted operating protocols, in paper or video format. These help guide users in the use of NETRI’s microfluidic devices or in the realization of readouts such as immunostaining, live death assays or live staining. NETRI has also optimized culture protocols for several human cell types from several suppliers, to guide users through the cell culture protocol in NETRI’s microfluidic devices.

  • Microfluidic Devices Protocols
  • Cell Types Protocols for several human cell types from several suppliers
  • Readouts Protocols

Virtual and/or On-site Training.

Real-time training laboratory-to-laboratory. NETRI scientists can share their unique expertise using microfluidic devices within our training programs.

  • In-Lab practical training program : On-site training takes place directly in our laboratory. Our expert scientists are dispatched to customer labs to demonstrate how to prepare and use NETRI’s microfluidic devices but also to allow users to practice under the supervision of the trainer who shares valuable advices.
  • On-Line practical training program : Online trainings are held using Smart Glasses for a duplex mode training between laboratories. Therefore, trainees and instructor will communicate directly using live stream video under the hoods for real-time guidance.

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