Partner with us to shape the future of organs-on-chip

We believe the future of pre-clinical research will be about larger, faster and more predictive datasets, generated while reducing animal testing. In this future Organs-on-chip will be about increasing relevance (and complexity) while maintaining high throuput capability.

Equipment providers

NETRI is focused on developping the best microfluidics chips for the industry, not reinvent the wheel and compete against existing equipment . Fully integrated workflows that leverage established and widespread equipment providers expertise is the way to go for optimal throughput and customer satisfaction.

Cell & Consumable Providers

We know our chips are only worth how well hIPSCs and other cells grow and connect in them. We are always looking to enhance our culture quality and offer integrated culture solutions to our clients

Cloud Services

The future of organs-on-chip will be data rich. Storing, mining, organizing this new and expanding dataset is a challenge we embrace.


Relevance and recognition of next generation methods always starts with academia. Our chips can pave the way to new standards of culture, readouts... and papers!