We work as your remote "internal" Neuro-Organ-on-chip lab:

Flexible  Full Time Equivalent (FTE) contract
Full-time highly skilled NETRI scientist or engineer

Flexible Full Time Equivalent.

We offer you an integrated team for an integrated research with a real time follow-up. We provide you with our experts in biology, engineering and digital for an FTE service customized to your needs and your research.
Put you at the heart of our R&D department:

  • You budget an FTE credit
  • You drive the study, we execute it. We can bring you both our practical and theoretical expertise.
  • You only pay for what you use
  • You don't have to use the whole budget

What does it cover?

With our team of biologist, engineer and digital, we offer you different fields of expertise:

  • Device architecture development
  • Cell culture protocol development
  • Cell culture experiments (seeding, maintaining, readouts,…)
  • Data analysis
  • Analysis software development
  • HiPSCs differentiation

What does it include?

Our FTE contracts include all standard equipment, procedures and experiences:

  • One flat FTE rate
  • NeuroFluidics™ line devices
  • Standard cell culture consumables (tips, pipette, media, etc.)
  • Lab and equipment use
  • 100% man time
  • Reporting every two weeks

A R&D service in 2 steps.

We define and estimate:

• The scope of the work
• The total budget
• The period required to complete the scope of work
• There is no need for a specific protocol or preliminary study plan

You monitor, manage and adapt:

• The experiments
• Data analysis
• The level of budget consumed
• You can realign or redirect at any time

NETRI skills.

Based on more than 10 years of expertise, I coordinate multidisciplinary teams and provide continuous support for the successful completion of projects.

Mélanie Gleyzes - Operation Director, Neuroengineer

I have an 8 years expertise in managing and leading multidisciplinary/multiple partners projects. I provide a crossed vision to projects thanks to my scientifical background (MSc in chemistry). My way of working is based on PMP and PM² methodologies.

Margaux Marot - Project Officer, Operation Engineer

PhD in Neurosciences. 19 years of laboratory expertise in ion channel biology, electrophysiology and imaging, applied to studying the mode of action of chemicals, biological functions or neurotoxicology. Strong academic background and 5 years’ experience in the private sector (Pharma and CRO). My role at NETRI is to lead the development of new neuro-based models answering the needs of our customers.

Hélène Gautier - Product Owner Organs-on-chip, R&D Neuroscientist

I have a background in mechanical engineering and industrial design, which gives me a valuable double culture for multi-disciplinary projects. I have over 15 years working in innovation management to innovative concept design in the most various environments (automobile interiors, to medical, surgical and consumer devices and HMI design) I have been the lead industrial designer, lead innovation manager and facilitator for more than 30 MedTech front-end projects in the last 10 years.

Serge Roux - Equipment Director & Chief Designer

Based on more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, I develop with the help of my teams the optimal manufacturing processes for the culture of our customers cells in NETRI devices!

Clément Robert - Product Owner Production Biology, Production Engineer

I have a background in neurosciences and data science. After completion of PhD I conducted basic science research projects at Stanford University for 10 years. My work led to the publication of more than 30 peer reviewed articles in fields pertaining to pharmacology , genetics , neurology and mental health. I then moved in the MedTech field working on physiological sensors, biomarkers and machine learning. My goal is to leverage technology to accelerate translational research.

damien colas - Head of Digital Lab, Product Owner Digital Services

Pharm D, PhD, I’m specialized in clinical and preclinical research in dermatology. Link between our client and our different labs, my role is to translate unmet needs into new models and application.

Alexandre Guichard - Product Owner Organs-on-chip, R&D Dermo-cosmetics Scientist

Neuroscientist with strong expertise in hiPSCs, cerebral organoids, neuro-immunology in the field of neurological disorders. I joined NETRI as a Technical Authority and R&D Neuroscientist because I am convinced that combining the advantages of human cells with a minimalist and relevant microenvironment using microfluidic advanced technology offer better way to make human predictions.

Jessica Rontard - Technical Authority Organs-on-chip, R&D Neuroscientist