What is a 3D-Deposition Chamber?

The 3D-Deposition Chamber is more than a mere microfluidic chamber. The technology includes three components: an inlet channel, a chamber and an outlet channel. The dimensions of the chamber is defined by the absolute number of cells to be seeded. while the 3D microfluidic flow within the chamber ensures an easy, controlled and homogeneous seeding of cells. 3D-Deposition Chamber technology allow to create a microfluidic flow in the upper part of the chamber. During the flow, the cells transported can gently be seed onto the bottom of the chamber.

What are the benefits ?

  • Easy seeding
  • Controlled seeding of cells
  • Homogeneous seeding of cells
  • No shear stress

3D-Deposition Chamber and microfluidic chip

  • Control cell density from 10 000 to 1000 000 cells per chamber
  • Control connectivity area
  • Control media change from 50% to 100%
  • Co-culture in the same chamber