The fusion of electrophysiology and microfluidics.

In collaboration with Axion Biosystems we have developed MEA-capable high-throughput compartmentalized microfluidic devices.

The creation of this advanced co-technology will enable neuroscientists to:

  • Non-invasively measure the electrical activity of neural cells in complex in vitro models and accelerate treatment discovery
  • Functional influence of connected but compartmentalized cell populations
  • Establish relevant electrophysiological biomarkers
  • Lead to earlier and more relevant models to accelerate neuroscience-related drug screening and global discovery.

MEA-capable compartmentalized microfluidic devices.

We have developed the NeoBento™ MEA in collaboration with Axion Biosystems, which which is composed of:

Abiding by the 96-well microplate standard format, NeoBento™ MEA is a versatile container that enables electrophysiological recording of microfluidic experimentation while being compatible with standard equipment for liquid handling and imaging.

What are benefits?

This co-developed technology allows:

  • Cell type electrophysiology activity isolation per compartment
  • Remote stimulation (compound or electrical)
  • Synaptic activity Isolation and directionality

Dedicated uitlity software.

The NeuroFluidics™ MEA layouts are recognized by Axis Navigator. NETRI has developped a utility software, UpLink, which runs locally with Axis, that can:

  • Fetch the relevant files (raw, spike and burst thresholds etc…) from an active Axis session
  • Process Axion Metrics and Network Metrics per microfluidic channel,
  • Generate an Excel file with the channel-specific metrics in a highly sortable format. UpLink can also generate channel specific .spk files for use in NMT or standard Axion .csv files

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