What is NeoBento™?

NeoBento™ is the standard format for all NETRI’s microfluidic chips, available up to 4 QuarterBentos™ (16 or 24 chips).

This high-trhoughput format makes NETRI’s microfluidic devices as versatile and easy to handle as a typical 96-well plate, by being in the standard ANSI format, and provides an optimized user experience. This format was designed to make organs-on-chip accessible to everyone and compatible with High Throughput Screening.

What are the benefits ?

  • Confocal or high magnification imaging (e.g. x63 with water immersion)
  • Routine control magnification imaging (x10, x20, without immersion, working distance > 1,5 mm)
  • High Throughput Screening compatibility
  • No up-front equipment
  • Easy humidification
  • Cellular viability

Putting the user back at the heart of experimentation

  • Standard 96-well SBS plate format (ANSI standard)
  • Compatible with all standard liquid handlers and automated imaging equipment, imaging paths are available for PerkinElmer and others upon request
  • Easy placement in automated systems and easy orientation thanks to its right A1 corner
  • Easy humidification thanks to its labyrinth that surrounds the perimeter for up to 4 days without adding water
  • Flexibility and optimization of the experimental planning thanks to its removable QuarterBento™
  • Possibility to analyze, drill or fix QuarterBentos™ individually without disrupting the rest of the NeoBento™