New Communication campaign

  • October 29, 2021
  • Laura Ejarque
  • 1 min read

NETRI has developed key and unique technologies that allow to produce reproducible, close to human physiopathology, reliable and easy to use organ-on-chip!

In order to promote the uniqueness of our technologies and raise the knowledge about organ-on-chip, we have created a 5-week communication campaign aroud the 5 building blocks of technology creating NETRI uniqueness.

Starting this Monday and for the 5 following weeks, 1 technology will be explained in detail through different media: video, interview, sketches etc… a great opportunity to understand how microfluidic and organ on chip will constitute the next revoltion in drug discovery.

Stay tuned to know more  #1technoNETRI

L’occasion de découvrir nos technologies innovantes et leurs applications.