Our Strategic partnerships.


We focus on building partnerships that go beyond commercial alliances and provide combined breakthrough solutions to the health industrial ecosystem. We aim at maintaining the interoperability and multi-compatibility of our devices.

Technology providers (combining our technical strengths for breakthrough commercial products)
Biology providers (integrating cell types, reagents and chips for breakthrough commercial products)
CRO & Biotech (combining our expertises to create new projects and meet market demand)

Technology providers.

NETRI is focused on developing microfluidics devices for the industry. We believe in fully integrated workflows that leverage established and widespread equipment providers expertise is the key to optimal throughput and user satisfaction.

We have developed a strong strategic partnership with Axion Biosystems, a leading life sciences tools company. This partnership has resulted in the creation of a new NeuroFluidics™ MEA line that integrate MEA technology and is compatible with Axion Biosystems' two neural activity recording devices, the Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge.

We also adapted plate maps for our NeoBentos™ to several equipment providers (Perkin Elmer, Beckman, Molecular Devices etc…).

Biology providers.

Our generic devices are compatible with all types of cells. We partner with recognized worldwide cell providers to offer to our clients the strongest and reliable cells types. We are looking to provide integrated culture solutions fitted for our clients needs.

We have established strategic partnerships with key cell suppliers:
With Axol Bioscience, we have developed organs-on-chip kits including both our microfluidic devices and Axol Bioscience hiPSCs and reagents.
With Tessara Therapeutics, we combined our NeoBento™ neuro-organs-on-chip HT format with RealBrain® neural micro-tissues, to create a family of next generation drug discovery tools.

We also adapted culture protocols for our chips to cells from several suppliers (FujiFilm CDI, BrainXell, PromoCell etc…).

CRO & Biotech.

NETRI is focused on developing the best models for the pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetics and nutrition industries. Relevant, reproducible models that meet market demand by combining the expertise of its partners with its technology.

We have built a strategic partnership with ETAP-Lab, a preclinical Contract Research Organization. This partnership has resulted in the creation of a project, BIO-DIAMOND, winner of the "Innovation in Biotherapy and Bioproduction" call for projects, funded by the French government as part of the Plan France 2030. BIO-DIAMOND integrates NETRI's microfluidics technology with ETAP-Lab's oligomer technology to create organs-on-chip models for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.


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