Our Assets.

Since 2018, NETRI has capitalized on its growing expertise to build a strong base of continuously expanding technical and production capabilities, as well as an international commercial footprint.

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Know-how assets

• Microfluidics neuro-engineering
• Cell culture of hiPSC & primary cells
• Digital Tools

Production assets

• Microfluidic Devices Production Unit
• Cell Culture Production Unit
• R&D Labs

Commercial assets

• 9 proprietary patents
• 6 strategic partnerships
• 70 currents active clients


Know-How Assets.

NETRI has developped a recognized know-how in microfluidics neuro-engineering, cell culture of human induced pluripotent stem cells and digital tools developpement of neural network electrophysiological readouts and immunostaining methods. 
Since 2018, we have nurture our skillsets in multiple microfluidics protocols and readouts: immunofluorescence, dedicated biomarkers, LC/MS, ELISA assays in microlfuidics devices.

Production Assets.

NETRI manufactures devices and models using its pilot production units of microfluidic devices and cell culture automated labs. With more than 200 m² of production platform, 9 devices are marketed and divided into 2 lines, the NeuroFluidics and the NeuroFluidics™ MEA. Five types of neurons human cells derived from stem cells as well as primary keratinocytes are marketable with our devices.

In 2024, with the construction of its production site, NETRI will increase its production capacity of its pre-industrial pilot units with:

Commercial Assets.

NETRI holds 9 proprietary patents and undisclosed manufacturing skillsets. Our devices are compatible with all cell types and we have estalished contracted partnerships with key cell suppliers, technologcial enablers and high content screening imaging and lab automation providers.

Since 2018, NETRI has established strategic partnerships to create commercial alliances, growth relays and provide innovative combined solutions to the healthcare ecosystem.

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