Axol Bioscience and NETRI sign product supply agreement.

  • February 6, 2024
  • Laura Ejarque
  • 2 min read
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
We’re excited to announce the signing of a product supply agreement between Axol Bioscience and NETRI to supply Organs-on-chip (OoC) kits including device and human iPSC for pre-clinical neuroscience research, cosmetics and drug discovery. This exciting agreement paves the way for future co-development work between NETRI, an OoC provider and Axol Bioscience, a leading supplier of iPSC-derived cells for advanced in vitro platforms.

With this agreement , we continue our ongoing progress towards building new models of NETRI’s high-throughput NeuroFluidics devices powered by functional axoCells that enable the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics industries with access to human-relevant in vitro OoC models.

Thierry Poumeyrol, Chief Business Officer at NETRI: “I am very pleased to announce the agreement of a new joint product supply agreement between NETRI and Axol Bioscience, allowing a full partnership and cooperation between our both companies. This agreement will help accelerating and enhancing more robust organs-on-chip platform combining NETRI unique NeuroFluidics Devices with state-of-the art Sensory neurons from Axol Biosciences. We believe that this achievement represents a collaborative milestone beneficial for our end-users and researchers. The collaboration will leverage the complementary strengths of both companies to accelerate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for patients suffering from PNS disorders in particular.”

Liam Taylor, CEO of Axol Bioscience : “Axol Bioscience is proud to support platform providers like NETRI who want to power their platforms with high-quality, functional cells. We will help to bolster the growing iPSC market through co-development of advanced iPSC platforms that rely on the functional quality and consistency of axoCells in combination with NETRI’s high-relevance & high-throughput in vitro OoC models. This also brings exciting opportunities to incorporate disease and healthy control-derived axoCells into NETRI platforms, enabling more human-relevant disease models that can drive better therapies.”

This supply agreement builds on the exciting launch of NETRI’s new OoC range, which is powered by axoCells iPSC-derived sensory neurons. These new organs-on-chip kits facilitate the use of dedicated disease models for conditions including pain and nerve injury. By incorporating high-quality axoCells into NETRI’s compartmentalized and MEA-compatible OoC devices,these kits offer users better predictivity and translational outcomes.