Let’s go for the MPS World Summit 2022 congress!

  • June 1, 2022
  • Laura Ejarque
  • 1 min read

See you at booth #110, posters #116, #117 and #40!

Our CEO & Co-Founder Thibault Honegger and our R&D & Equipment Director Serge Roux are waiting for you at booth #110! Come and discover our innovative organs-on-chip solutions and its applications.
See you also at the posters session!
Poster #116 to discover modeling the human Brain-on-Chip with human iPSC-derived Glutamatergic neurons in our microfluidic devices, in collaboration with BrainXell, Inc.
Poster #40 to discover our axotomy model.
And poster #117 to discover our Human Brain Organoids on Chip!

They are waiting for you at any time!