Meet us at EUROoCS 2022 congress in Grenoble, France!

  • June 16, 2022
  • Laura Ejarque
  • 2 min read

We are excited to join in person EUROoCS 2022 in Grenoble!

From July 4th to 5th, you can find Dr. Thibault Honegger, our CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Florian Larramendy, our CTO & Co-Founder, Serge Roux, our R&D Director Equipment and our Business Team, Laura Ejarque and Hugo Cochet.

Drop by our Booth #08, Pitch session, Compagny Challenge and Posters, or meet us at the coffee break!

We will be happy to introduce you our neuro-organs-on-chip solutions and our new organs-on-chip platform for high throughput screening : NeoBento™ , applied to neurological disorders, neuro- toxicology and neuro-cosmetics!

Find us:

  • Booth #8 
  • Pitch session : Microfluidic high-throughput screening platform to screen pre-clinical stage compound effects on neurite outgrowth of human Motor neurons post-injury
  • Posters
    • Human Brain-Organoids-on-Chip: Advanced microfluidic device for reproducible organoids culture
    • Human sensory neurons – Human skin cells co-culture model development in a microfluidic device
    • Improved fluidic isolation and axonal projection rate in a microfluidic device designed for neurons
    • Organs-on-Chip high throughput platform for pharmaceutical screening
    • Deposition chamber technology as building blocks for a standardized brain-on-chip framework
  • Compagny Challenge 

See you there!