NETRI, in collaboration with Axion BioSystems, launches NeuroFluidics™ MEA line, high-throughput MEA-capable organs-on-chip.

  • July 13, 2023
  • Laura Ejarque
  • 5 min read

Press Release

July 13, 2023

NETRI introduces the world’s first commercially available MEA-capable organs-on-chip line, NeuroFluidics™ MEA, composed of three compartmentalized microfluidic devices powered by Axion Biosystems’ integrated MEA technology and compatible with Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge systems.

NETRI is a French industrial start-up that develops and supports high-throughput neuro-organ-on-chips platforms for preclinical screening applications focused on pain, neurological disorders, dermo-cosmetics and gut health.

Axion BioSystems is a U.S.-based biotechnology company that develops novel bioelectronic platforms and imaging systems to empower life science researchers.

Lyon, France, July 13, 2023NETRI today announces the commercial launch of its groundbreaking NeuroFluidics™ MEA line, developed in collaboration with U.S-based biotechnology leader Axion BioSystems and compatible with the company’s flagship Maestro MultiElectrode Array (MEA) systems. A first of its kind, the innovative new product line offers a range of ready-to-use compartmentalized microfluidic devices with an integrated MEA layer, providing high-throughput organs-on-chip platforms for disease research and drug discovery in neurology, dermatology, and other fields.

Due to their ability to recapitulate key aspects of human physiology in vitro, organs-on-chips are relevant models for biomedical research applications—but developing these advanced models has been challenging for individual labs until now. According to NETRI CEO Thibault Honegger and NETRI Equipment Director Serge Roux, the new NeuroFluidics™ MEA line bridges that gap, “Following a successful beta testing phase, we are incredibly proud to unveil this new and unique standardized in vitro platform that achieves the fusion of electrophysiology and microfluidics. This disruptive technology represents a substantial advance in the world of neuroscience by providing a new breed of highly relevant and repeatable datasets.”

The NeuroFluidics™ MEA line offers three Maestro-compatible product options that enable scientists to study the cross-functional influence of connected but compartmentalized cell populations and establish relevant electrophysiological biomarkers.

The pairing of NETRI’s advanced neuro-organs-on-chips devices with Axion’s Maestro MEA benchtop systems has the potential to accelerate drug development for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, sensitive skin, peripheral neuropathic pain, gut-brain axis and other conditions. “The synergy between NETRI’s high-throughput compartmentalized microfluidics devices and Axion’s MEA technology is an exciting new frontier for our customers,” said Kevin Gould, Axion BioSystems’ CEO. “We expect these new MEA plates will help accelerate our understanding of neurological disorders and the development of new therapies. I can’t wait to see what our customers discover with this new platform.”

Designed according to ANSI 96-well microplate standard format, NeoBento™ MEA, which underpins the NeuroFluidics™ MEA line, is a versatile container that enables electrophysiological recording of microfluidic experimentation while being compatible with standard equipment for liquid handling and imaging.  This coupling of MEA and microfluidic devices allows users to affect, record, and analyze each compartmentalized cell population independently, thus gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship and effects at play. With up to 48 electrodes per NETRI chip, the new NeoBento™ MEA platform is available with 16 chips and 768 electrodes for Axion’s Maestro Pro compatibility or 8 chips and 384 electrodes for Axion’s Maestro Edge compatibility. 

The NeuroFluidics™ MEA line is currently available for purchase on NETRI’s website for both Axion Biosystems users and non-users.

Press Contact
Laura Ejarque
Communication Officer NETRI – (+33) 06 69 45 46 21

Corporate Contact
Thibault Honegger
CEO and Co-Founder NETRI – (+33) 06 52 97 09 38

Mike Clements
VP Marketing, Axion BioSystems – (+1) 6784693439

About NETRI (LYON 840248744)

NETRI is an industrial start-up that provides human cell-based assays to catalog and learn the complex language of human neurons and translate for pharmaceutical, gut health & dermo-cosmetics industries developing treatment across all applications. From discovery to clinical phases, NETRI offers high-throughput microfluidic devices, Services and Licensing allowing the digitization of the human biology using neurons, the natural transducer of the human body. With its holistic approach, NETRI builds the knowledge to bridge between laboratory discovery, human biology and pathophysiology by integrating its organs-on-chip technologies into clients’ standardized processes. NETRI accompanies its clients throughout the development life of their product by providing predictive datas or platforms to understand modes of action in discovery, preclinical or clinical phases.

About Axion BioSystems

Axion BioSystems, Inc. is a leading life science company focused on next-generation live-cell analysis tools for biomedical research and drug discovery. With innovative systems that monitor complex cellular activity in real time without disturbing the underlying biology, Axion’s technology accelerates scientific discovery with streamlined workflows providing more complete datasets. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the company has more than 180 employees worldwide.