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Highly versatile document
All MEA metrics

This is a highly versatile document that contains all MEA metrics tailored to the MEA NeuroFluidics Devices. The Raster Plots Tab allows to evaluate whole experiment at-a-glance, or access local dynamic HTML versions of each raster plot. The Metametrics tab contains all Axion BioSystems metrics parsed out per channel combination and chip, easily filterable and sortable. The Electrodes tab gives you the same versatility, at the individual electrode level.

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UpLink support all MEA metrics gereated by Axion BioSystems that include basic and network metrics. Each metric is calculated for a variety of channel combinations.

Mean Firing Rate (Hz)
Number of Active Electrodes
Burst Duration – Avg (s)


Highly versatile document

UpLink support all MEA metrics gereated by Axion BioSystems that include basic and network metrics.
Average Metrics (Mean Firing Rate, Burst Duration…)
Network Metrics (Synchrony Index, Network Burst Freq…)
Basic Metrics

Software compatibility

Performance and user experience for analyzing the electrical activity of neurons.
AxIS Navigator
Windows 10 x64
Excel to read compartmentalized report metrics
Chome web browser recommended for reading raster plots

Recognized by Axis Navigator​

The NeuroFluidics MEA layouts are recognized by Axis Navigator.
Runs locally with AxIS
Generation of channel-specific .spk files for use in NMT or standard Axion .csv files​

Hardware compatibility​

Stimulate (compound or electrical) one population to gauge the effect on the other
DuaLink MEA
DuaLink Shift MEA
TriaLink MEA
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NeuroFluidics Devices.

3 architectures with or without MEA-recording
​8 or 16 data points per plate
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DuaLink Protocol
DuaLink MEA Protocol
DuaLink Shift Protocol
DuaLink Shift MEA Protocol
TriaLink MEA Protocol
Sensory Neurons Protocol
Sensory Neurons MEA Protocol
Fixation & Immunostaining Protocol
Pediatric Glioblastoma
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Alzheimer Disease
DuaLink MEA
DuaLink MEA
TriaLink MEA


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