As part of our DNA, we focus on building the microfluidic architecture and model best suited to your research needs. We take your needs and translate them into the most relevant and reproducible microfluidic devices and/or models for you.

Co-development of new models
Designing co-culture in existing NeuroFluidics Devices
Adapted Protocols & Videos
Pre-clinical to clinical partnerships

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Co-development – FTE R&D.

Use our standard & industrialized NeuroFluidics devices to culture patient-derived cells, explore new readouts or injury.

Select existing NeuroFluidics Devices
Select your Cells
For Select your Readouts & Injury

Pre-clinical to clinical partnerships.

Designed to accommodate cells from a diverse array of species, encompassing human, rodents, non-human primates, dogs, mini pigs, and more, whether they be primary or derived from iPSC for cross-species investigations.

Gain translational confidence with predictive insights into clinical outcomes
Development of a French cohort-on-chip offering to target specific genetic predispositions and ensure genetic variability representative of the human species


Multidisciniplary Team.

A shared mission: all patients must be able to benefit rapidly from personalized & accessible treatment.
12 PhD
Biology Team
Engineering Team
Digital Team

Adapted Protocols

NETRI guides users with microfluidic devices or readouts, optimized culture protocols, and plate maps, with adapted operating protocols, in paper or video format.
7 cell culture & co-culture protocols of hiPSC & primary cells
2D & 3D cell culture protocols available for all our devices
Specific readouts protocols & plate maps available for all our devices

Dedicated support

A dedicated service to quickly answer all your questions about using our NeuroFluidics Devices.
Field Application Scientist
Email address
Phone number
Shared space

High-Throughput Format

NeoBento™, the standard format for NeuroPlatforms chips, available up to 4 QuarterBentos™ (up to 16 chips).
Standard ANSI format (96-well plate)
Pump-free & expensive equipment-free
Standard equipment (liquid handling & imaging) compatibility
Imaging, biochimic analysis and electrophysiological recording (MEA) readouts

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